Highlights of Upcoming 2024 Events 

MORE COMING !!!  Check also the Everglades Dark Sky calendar.

Over 20 events during #Everglades #DarkSkyMonth at Everglades National Park !!

Stars, Fireflies, Eclipse, Oh Mine!

For quick overview, see graphic below or download this 3-page summary. There will be nite bike rides, evening walks, storytelling, firefly discovery, arts, photography, stargazing, educational talks and much more. #HalfThePark comes alive each night when our Star Sun sets; when wildlife starts its own symphony of magical sounds; when #Fireflies and #ClickBeetles dance among mangroves, cypress trees and sawgrass; when #NightSky #Starlight surprises you between clouds. ALL of it telling us that the night is as worthy of protection as the day. Some events are weather permitting. Park entrance fees may apply, and some require reservations. For official updates & more details, visit NPS Everglades Dark Sky Celebration web page.

#DiscoverTheNight during #EarthMonth... Because #EarthNight is EVERY #Night

Tue, Apr 2, 2024 (6:30-8p EDT)

Let's Discover the Night!

A Miami Dark Sky Week Virtual Presentation - FREE, RSVP Required

Learn how artificial light at night impacts wildlife & how to join the movement to protect and restore the health and wonder of the night across the Greater Everglades and beyond. As part of Miami & Everglades Dark Sky Week (& Month), during International Dark Sky Week, Tropical Audubon Society is hosting a discussion with experts tackling this growing problem. The panel will also engage attendees, answer questions and discuss ways to get involved in combating light pollution, helping wildlife, protecting sensitive habitats, and supporting ecologically smart growth in Miami-Dade and across the Greater Everglades — day and night.

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ModeratorLauren Jonaitis, Sr Conservation Director, Tropical Audubon SocietyPanelists:  Richard Joyce, Endangered Species Conservation Biologist, Xerces Society for Invertebrate ConservationBrian Rapoza, Field Trip Coordinator and Board Director, Tropical Audubon SocietyAnthony Sleiman, Everglades Nature Photographer;  Diana Umpierre AICP, GISP, Coordinator, Night Sky Conservancy (DarkSky FL)

Highlights of Past Events (2021 to 2023)

Wed, Apr 27, 2022 (7-8:30 pm) - It's Time for Lights Out, for the sake of our birds and our own - Check out the recorded webinar !!

The Miami skyline at night is quite an attraction, but that bright dome of artificial light that spreads miles over ocean and land, making clouds white at night, is hurting our resident and migratory birds and wildlife that interact with them. Light pollution over Miami-Dade and the Greater Everglades will continue to worsen unless we begin treating the night environment as worthy of protection and restoration as our waters, our wetlands, our corals, our air, and our climate. Sierra Miami Group hosted a discussion with people tackling this growing problem. After brief presentations, the panel engaged attendees, answered Qs and discussed ways to get involved in tackling light pollution, helping wildlife, protecting sensitive habitats, and supporting ecologically smart growth in Miami-Dade and across the Greater Everglades - day and nightModerator:  Jenny Staletovich, Environmental Reporter, WLRN  /  Speakers:  Travis Longcore, PhD, Science Director, The Urban Wildlands Group, co-author of 2004 landmark publication “Ecological Light Pollution”; Brian Rapoza, Field Trip Coordinator & Board Director, Tropical Audubon Society;  Hannah McDougall, Director of Communications, Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. (Click HERE for more details & bios of our panel).

Wed, Apr 7, 2021 (6:30-7:30p) - Light Pollution & Wildlife

Check out the recorded webinar !! Hosted by Tropical Audubon Society. Participants learned about the impacts of light pollution on birds, bats, turtles, fireflies and other insects, as well as efforts to address this critical issue. Moderator: Paul Gray (Audubon FL)/ Panelists: Frank Ridgley (Zoo Miami); Dr. Oliver Keller (FL Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services); Brian Rapoza (Tropical Audubon Society);  Melquisedec Gamba-Rios, PhD (Bat Conservation International); Leanne Hauptman (Miami-Dade Sea Turtle Conservation Program) 

Tue, Apr 6, 2021 (6p) - FL's Worsening Light Pollution & The Urgency to Engage

A free virtual talk (with Q&A) was held by Sierra Club & DarkSky FL with a brief introduction to the growing light pollution issues happening in Florida (esp. in SE FL), why it matters in a metropolis like Miami, and why there's an urgency for grassroots engagement. Speakers included: Diana Umpierre (Sierra Club Everglades Restoration Organizer and former board member/ president of the DarkSky International) and other invited guests.

Fri, Apr 22, 2022 (7:30-9p) - Talk on Human Health & Environmental Harm of Artificial Light at Night

Visitors to mtn space gallery in Lake Worth Beach met world-renowned cardiologist Mario Motta, MD, FACC who shared the American Medical Association (AMA) and United Nations perspectives on light pollution impacts. Event was FREE. For follow up Qs on this event, contact Richard Stowe at 561-231-3509 or via r_stowe@yahoo.com.

Sat, Apr 30, 2022 (6-10p) - Park After Dark at Everglades National Park at Shark Valley

Everglades National Park hosted a Park After Dark open house by the Shark Valley Visitor Center. Park visitors enjoyed: (1) stargazing via telescopes; (2) educational stations to learn about light pollution, its impacts, and solutions; (3) nocturnal rambles down the Bobcat Boardwalk Trail and the paved tram path; (4) wildlife nocturnal sounds and starry skies.

Apr 22-29, 2022 - Homestead Cybrarium Night Sky Programs

Visitors attended programs to learn about astronomy and the impacts of light pollution. (At this library, Homestead residents are eligible for a free Cybrarium card, as well as those who own property or a business, work, or attend school in Homestead. Miami-Dade Co residents are also eligible. Refer to flier for 2022 programming details.

Fri, Apr 22 (4-5p) - Watching the Stars - The Hubble Telescope (documentary film)

Sat, Apr 23 (10a-5p) - Celestial Arts Table

Tue, Apr 26 (5-7p) - Virtual Reality Space Night (VR Cube, soar through the cosmos, walk on the moon, and see inside the ISS)

Fri, Apr 29 (2-4p) - Losing the Dark (short video about light pollution).

April 2021 - Homestead Cybrarium virtual reality (VR) experiences

Visitors enjoyed the wonder of the night sky in virtual reality 3D, incl. our Moon, constellations and stars; Moon landings; lunar rover rides; rocket launches and of the ISS tours! VR programs included: CAPCOM GO! Apollo VR Planetarium, Moonbuggy VR and SpaceEngineAlso enjoy storytime videos at the Cybrarium with Ms. Patty.

Fri, Apr 9, 2021 (8p) - Wonders of the Universe Revealed (virtual star party)

During a free event held at FIU Stocker AstroScience Center, visitors heard the fun story from the not-so-crazy astronomer (Dr. Webb) on how Stocker AstroScience Center came to be, and why it is a valuable asset to FIU students and the Miami-Dade & South Florida community. While learning about South Florida's only research-grade telescope, they also learned about the issue of light pollution, explored the cosmos and found the answer to the question: "Why did we need an observatory in a light-polluted urban area like Miami?" - Remote viewing from Stocker AstroScience Center followed afterward.

Fri, Apr 16, 2021 (8-9:30p) - Night Skies at Biscayne NP (Convoy Point)

On the eve of National Park Week, children visitors went to Biscayne National Park at Convoy Point to celebrate the night sky & to learn why darkness is important for all living creatures. There were educational ranger programs, family activities, and a special Night Explorer Jr Ranger event. More info at FB page or website.

Sat, Apr 24, 2021 (6-9p) - Full Moon Bike Ride at Everglades NP (Shark Valley)

For ~ 3 hrs, riders brought their own bicycles and experienced the Everglades at night under the glow of a full moon, listened to the night soundscape and biked away from the lights of the city. Details here or at the park's FB page.