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Night Wonders of the Greater Everglades

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This April 2024, Let's Discover the Night !
Everglades Dark Sky Month

#DiscoverTheNight across the Greater Everglades & celebrate the wonder of the natural nocturnal environment and explore the night sky. Learn how artificial light at night impacts humans, wildlife, ecology, and climate. Join the movement to protect and restore the health & wonder of the night across the Greater Everglades & beyond.
In 2021, we started by celebrating "Miami Dark Sky Week" and in 2023 we began celebrating it as "Everglades Dark Sky Week".
This year, 2024, to increase participation in more local and regional events,
we encourage partners to celebrate April 2024 as  "Everglades Dark Sky Month",
(and/or April 2 to April 8, 2024 as "Everglades Dark Sky Week" to coincide with  International Dark-Sky Week)

Let's #DiscoverTheNight in the Greater Everglades!

Join us to LOOK UP, beyond a week or month, and keep celebrating, educating and advocating for a protected and restored natural night environment for people & wildlife. Help us keep the momentum & growing a movement for healthy, beautiful & inspiring #EvergladesNights with opportunities for all.

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